ElevatorStroyComplect is a huge mechanism that is geared to create the best conditions for the development of your business in the grain industry. From the very first day we strive to become the best and successfully reached that goal. Now we want to help you succeed!




A properly developed project does not guarantee absence of difficulties requiring promptly made important decisions during the actual construction or upgrading stages.

To minimize the occurrence of such problems and have them solved efficiently, you should entrust construction and installation to the professional contractors!

Having the needed resources at its disposal, ElevatorStroyComplect offers the full range of construction and installation services.

  • General construction work, from earthmoving to landscaping before commissioning.
  • Installation of metal structures and the necessary technical facilities.
  • Installation of the current and efficient grain elevator equipment.
  • Bringing power to the complexes in compliance with the safety requirements.
  • Installation of ventilation and aspiration systems.
  • Set-up and start-up of all systems and equipment.

What lets us provide a wide range of services quickly, efficiently and at an affordable cost?

  • staff of qualified employees trained to use the latest advances in the field;
  • smart corporate governance and proper delegation of responsibilities;
  • complete set of modern machinery required;
  • experience in projects of different levels of complexity;
  • strong partnerships with manufacturers of necessary equipment.

When you order construction and erection of an elevator with ElevatorStroyComplect, you can be sure that the project will feature the latest achievements and modern technologies the industry has to offer!

A modern grain terminal is a complex combination of interrelated technological operations, which are performed by a variety of systems and machines. A small problem or a failure in one link of this chain that has not been noticed in due time can lead to a dead stop of the entire process, and as a consequence, result in a loss of profits for the company.

Installing an automated process control system (APCS) at the elevator allows you to avoid these and other problems associated with the capacity and performance increase while securing trouble-free, efficient operation of the entire grain handling complex.

ElevatorStroyComplect automates grain storage and handling facilities of any size and level of complexity. The associated services include:

automated grain reception, cleaning, drying, storage and loading process control;

automated collection, processing and provision of reliable information about the state of the elevator equipment to operational and supervisory personnel for monitoring and decision-making;

minimization of labor intensiveness (operational and maintenance personnel) of routine transportation tasks;

improvement of efficiency and lifetime of the equipment;

reduction of production losses and operating costs.

Elevator complex mechanisms receive control and protection equipment that monitors their performance and shuts them down in case of emergency.

Project development and turnkey grain elevator construction are the beginnings of ElevatorStroyComplect's long-term cooperation with its customers.

As you know, any enterprise, especially one implying construction or upgrading a facility, required development of a design. Its accuracy and precision is crucial for the success of the undertaking on the whole!

Designing grain industry facilities, in particular elevators, requires special knowledge and relevant experience. ElevatorStroyComplect has all the resources necessary for successful and rapid preparation of the project, regardless of whether you need a granary upgraded or an elevator built and commissioned from scratch.

Designing elevators, grain processing complexes and their components involves:

  • setting tasks to be solved;
  • outlining optimal configuration and selecting equipment perfectly tailored to the tasks;
  • outlining the contents of the technological base;
  • preparation of the complete set of project documents;
  • getting the finished project approvals from the relevant authorities with the applicable legislation taken into account.

At your disposal:

company's design office staffed with the best specialists in this field;
current and licensed software that provides correct results within short periods of time;

rich experience in the development of various projects, both grassroots and those already started.

Apart from developing the project from scratch, we prepare the full package of necessary documents and get approvals as prescribed by the applicable requirements. If necessary, we supervise construction in the field.








Чтобы минимизировать возникновение повреждений и нарушений в работе оборудования, а также для настройки его эффективной работы, специальные бригады компании «ЭлеваторСтройКомплект» производят пусконаладочные работы:

  • перед сдачей объекта в эксплуатацию;
  • после сезонных остановок;
  • после осуществления ремонта и замены запчастей.

При оказании данного вида услуг в компании «ЭлеваторСтройКомплект» строго соблюдаются следующие правила:

  • все работы осуществляются специалистами, которые прошли соответствующие обучение и получили подтверждающий сертификат;
  • монтаж элеваторного оборудования и его пуско-наладка выполняются со строгим соблюдением действующих норм, требований производителя оборудования и техники безопасности;
  • на выполненные работы предоставляется гарантия!


В рамках запуска проекта также проводится обучение персонала. В дальнейшем мы осуществляем и сервисное обслуживание объекта.

Преимущества обслуживания у нас
Независимо от того, было ли строительство элеваторов или модернизация зернохранилища осуществлены нашей компанией или сторонней, вы можете заказать у нас сервисное обслуживание объекта.

В рамках данного сервиса мы осуществляем:

  • ежегодный профилактический осмотр комплексов;
  • сезонную подготовку оборудования;
  • оперативное осуществление ремонтных работ;
  • быструю доставку необходимых деталей.

С нашей помощью ваши капиталовложения будут работать без простоя и на полную мощность!


It is appropriate to build an elevator from scratch in case there is a sufficient amount of material resources available. If you already have the facilities but their state leaves much to be desired or the existing equipment does not meet the current requirements, a more rational solution would be to reconstruct or modernize the elevator.

Why we are the best

The best solution is to hire a single contractor that can execute the project in its entirety, from design to commissioning. Such an approach does not only save you a lot of trouble but also helps to get maximum results with reasonable investments.


Компания «ЭлеваторСтройКомплект» готова оказать вам следующие услуги:

  • правильно определить цель и задачи проекта для быстрого поиска эффективных решений;
  • разработать качественный проект модернизации или реконструкции с применением современных разработок и с учетом последних научных достижений;
  • согласовать полный пакет проектной документации в соответствии с законодательством;
  • осуществить строительно-монтажные работы в полном объеме;
  • ввести объект в эксплуатацию.

Принять верное и выгодное с экономической точки зрения решение, разработать проект «переделки» и реализовать его «под ключ» вам помогут квалифицированные специалисты компании «ЭлеваторСтройКомплект»!


Ordering construction of grain elevators or integrated complexes at ElevatorStroyComplect you can have no doubts about the quality of services provided and reliability and durability of the equipment supplied and systems installed.

However, despite the fact that our projects and equipment used meet the modern requirements and require minimal input from operators, the need for that input is still there.

In this connection, along with other services we offer personnel training. We take the responsibility for vocational training of your company's staff.


What you get:

  • your employees acquire the necessary skills and qualification;
  • elevator and systems of the complex work without breakdowns and with high efficiency;
  • repair and maintenance costs are reduced.

Current qualification of your employees does not matter! We train staff "from scratch."

Another important advantage is that modernization or turnkey construction of a grain storage utilizing the latest technology allows severalfold reduction of staff needed to work the facility.


There is a number of reasons why ElevatorStroyComplect deserves your trust:

  • only certified specialists do construction and maintenance of the grain complexes;
  • we supply and install the most advanced elevator equipment;
  • our qualification enables us to develop and execute projects of varying complexity within a reasonable time;
  • the cost of our services encourages loyalty!

For many years now, entrepreneurs that prefer to invest rationally and thus ensure maximal efficiency and profitability of business have been choosing us as a partner when it comes to building or upgrading a grain elevator complex.