ElevatorStroyComplect is the full cycle design and construction company. We specialize in development, design and equipment of grain storage and handling facilities, as well as build, mount and automate granaries of varying levels of complexity.

Services we offer to our customers include: development of a complete solution; design; production and delivery of the equipment; construction and installation operations (full range); steel structures manufacturing and installation; equipment mounting and installation supervision; training; warranty covering equipment; aftersales service.

If you do not know where to begin, set the process off with a consultation with the specialists of ElevatorStroyComplect! Our experience allows drawing up preliminary estimates about the project at hand within a short period of time, even if you have provided only partial information.

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Today, agriculture in general and its grain segment in particular develop very actively. But the success takes more that just growing and harvesting quality grain. It is also necessary to handle and store the cereals after harvesting. And this, in turn, requires elevators, built and serviced with quality in mind. For many years now, ElevatorStroyComplect has been helping its customers increase their profits and cut costs. We are a team of motivated professionals never resting on laurels and constantly searching for new solutions and the most efficient technologies. We aim to introduce the latest developments the industry offers into each subsequent project.


You should contact us in case:

  • you need to buy grain storage and handling equipment
  • you are interested in turnkey elevator construction
  • you need your grain storage facilities modernized or upgraded
  • you want to have qualified professionals servicing your elevator
  • you need a competent piece of advice or opinion of an expert

We work with equipment of any type and make, provide solutions to tasks of any level of complexity and can execute projects of any scale.


  • Speed and accuracy. Our extensive experience allows us to give a precise answer about the customer's project within a short period of time even when the information provided is incomplete.
  • Confidence. Every project that has been executed and commissioned by our company is the proof: you can rest assured not only in the professionalism of our team, but also the unconditional success of the project.
  • Efficient expenditures. Well-tunes business processes and consistency allows us to fulfill orders quickly, without extra time and material costs.
  • Lack of risk. Strict performance of all contractual obligations has given our company the opportunity to establish strong partnerships with specialized companies and foreign partners. If we seek help of a third party, it is only the best of the best we work with!
  • Guaranteed success. From the very first day we have been working on making our reputation perfect. Poor performance is luxury for our company. Therefore, we do not have second-rate customers and secondary tasks. Be it building a grain elevator from scratch or servicing one, we input 100% of what we have to offer!


The construction of elevators remains the major question. Working with us, you have nothing to worry about, since we provide solutions for the entire range of issues, such as...

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  • Development of projects from scratch.
  • Old buildings dismantling and development of the project site.
  • Excavation operations as required by the project.
  • Laying the foundations complying with all requirements.
  • Making and mounting steel structures.
  • Installation of the necessary technological equipment.
  • Automation and connection to the power mains.
  • Set-up and start-up.
  • Complete landscaping and commissioning, subsequent maintenance services.